Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Z-Wave Swap Pertaining to Exceptional House Protection.

Z-Wave provides you an absolute control over your home control that improve convenience and protection. With your tablet, Smartphone or PC, you can access your Z-Wave switch at home or place of business. This will give you comfort knowing that your valuables are secured, regardless of your current location. You will feel unmatched levels of comfort you might never thought possible – with a single press of a button, you can easily ‘shut down’ your house when you leave without exerting great efforts. Z-Wave switch is another impressive wireless technology that makes your home switch smart and innovative. This will allow you to operate your home switch no matter where you are. Nowadays, the market offers a wide assortment of Z-Wave switches. This allows you to choose the most suitable one that will meet your home security needs. Control your energy, monitor everything at home or let others in your house even if you are away with the state-of-the-art Z-Wave switch. Checking, organizing and controlling the amount of energy used at your home can now be done. This is possible with this fantastic switch. The development of this exceptional product is beneficial to many people.


This is also very budget-friendly. Turn on your electronic Z-Wave and then have it added to the Z-Wave network. This allows you to take full advantage of the device and access it from your gadgets such as your tablet, personal computer or Smartphone. The process of installation is so easy and anyone can actually do it him/herself. However, an expert installation is still essential. This is especially true if there is something to be changed in the electric installation. The switch is necessary to replace the light switch you have right now. It is also utilizing your existing wiring and provides Z-Wave wireless and usb wall outlet of overhead lighting. This uses the Z-Wave technology to delivering control solutions with sustainability, compatibility and reliability ideal for various applications in your home. Change the standard switches you are using in your office or at home with this remarkable Z-Wave Switch and benefit from having the ability to remotely control all your electrical devices. If you are looking for a high-tech company to provide you the best Z-Wave switches that will meet your needs and will suit your budget, Enerlites is the ultimate company to trust. The company is committed to delivering a wide assortment of excellent Z-Wave switches for all their customers. They also have different essential items you can always benefit from.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Benefits Of An Innovative Motion Sensor Light Switch


With the technological advancements these days, homes and businesses are being equipped with more reliable devices than ever that increase their convenience and protection levels. One of the best advancements made in the industry is the motion sensor light switch, which has also been gaining much popularity everyday.

Nowadays, you can see a wide array of different motion sensitive light switches in public and corporate spaces. Business employees find them convenient to use. The switches are automatically shutting off once they don’t perceive any movement after a long period of time. This significantly reduces the energy expenses of business owners and homeowners. But you need to ask yourself whether you really have to install a motion sensor light switch at home or not.

Convenience is one of the most notable benefits of motion sensors.Motion sensors are perfect for the front door, so you won’t drop your keys when you are trying to get in your house in the middle of the night. With these sensor switch, you also would not trip over any plants or steps as you are approaching. The installation of motion sensor light switch inside your house is necessary. This will allow you to light the room without the need to reach for a lamp or for a wall. There is no need for you to check if any light is still on before you go to bed.

Motion sensor light switches also give protection to homes and to those living therein. If break in happens in your home, motion sensor lights can deter criminals who would’ve otherwise escaped unnoticed. This also provides a great way to enhance the security level at home without spending huge amount of cash on a security system.

You are not likely to leave your lights on often, most particularly in places with high traffic such as the kitchen or living room. It is best to install a motion sensor light switch in a low or medium-traffic area where you are prone to accidentally leave lights on and not notice, such as bathrooms, closets, garages, guest rooms or entrances.

Motion sensor light switches may also be best suited for retail stores and office to remove the responsibility of ensuring that every light in the office is shut off from the employee. A motion sensor light switch can also be linked to various lights, making it a highly practical light switch to buy. If you are looking for high quality yet affordable motion sensor light switches, Enerlites can also help.